Welcome to the first podcast focusing solely on the professional vacation rental manager. Brought to you by Tim Cafferty of OuterBanks Blue and Sandbridge Blue and Sarah Bradford of Winter Park Lodging Company and Steamboat Lodging Company.


Episode #1: A Look Back, Predictions & An Announcement.

Episode #2: Netflix Famous

Episode #3: Onboarding Your Owners Properly! 

Episode #4: Would You Do That To Your Mother?

Episode #5: Mr. Clean, An Interview with Durk Johnson


Episode #1: She Said Whaaaat? The Secret Shopper Episode.

Episode #2: The Decor Episode: Part 1

Episode #3: The Decor Episode: Part 2

Episode #4: Hiring Winners Not Whiners 

Episode #5: The Blogging Episode!

Episode #6: Fueling the Engine that Runs Your Company – Reservations!

Episode #7: Squeezing 10% More Profit By Watching Expenses

Episode #8: Squeezing 10% More Profit from Your Company’s Income

Episode #9: The Fiscal Four

Changing it Up – Interviewing Other VR Owners & Operators:

Episode #10: Interview with Book My Vacay

Episode #11: Interview with Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Co

Episode #12: Interview with Michelle Hodges of Meyer Vacation Rentals

Episode #13: Interview with Miller Hawkins of Booe Realty

Episode #14: Interview with Claire Reiswerg of Sand & Sea in Galveston

Episode #15: The Rapid Fire Episode

Episode #15: Oh Canada! Interview with Tavata Chalets

Episode #16:  Touch vs. Tech: An interview with Toby Babich in Breckenridge

Episode #17:  The Refund Wars

Episode #18: Talking Reservations with Doug Kennedy

Episode #19: John DiJulius: Delivering World Class Customer Service

Episode #20: 2018 VRMA/VRHP Takeaways: Recorded live at the conference! 

Episode #21: Amy Hinote of VRM Intel Shares Strengths & Weaknesses of our Industry

Episode #22: The Watchdog of the Industry: Steve Milo (aka “Trying to Get Milo to Laugh”)


Episode #2: 10 Reasons Why Owners Need YOU

Episode #3: 4 Strategies to OTA Independence

Episode #4: 11 Ways to Keep Owners (very) Happy

Episode #5: 7 Ways to Know The Face of Your Company is Who You Want it to Be

Episode #6: Making Lemonades out of Lemons at the VRMA conference

Episode #7: Your Key Takeaways from VRMA Conference

Episode #8: 10 Keys to Housekeeping AKA The Uber Episode

Episode #9: How to Wow

Episode #10: Sold! How Not to Be Left out in the Cold

Episode #11:  What Gets Measured, Gets Treasured

Episode #12: The Crystal Ball Episode: Predictions for 2018