The Reservations Episode

Officially titled “Fueling the Engine that Runs Your Company”, this episode covers five foundations that we’ve all heard before (well, maybe lest one), but we give a different spin on it. Always good reminders that you better be rewarding and focusing on the folks and the activities that win you bookings.   For a peek at Sarah’s Reservation Sales room board, check out our Facebook page.

And to take the Steve Milo survey we mention about OTAs, go here.

The Blogging Episode

Blogging about the Blogging Episode on our Blog! Take a listen about the 9 Key Areas to focus on when writing a blog. Sound too techy and too labor intensive? Tim and Sarah feel this is the most strategic way to get more guests to book directly (#bookdirect) with you vs. Online Travel Agents.  You need content for your website to rank high on searches.  This is how you do it.