Audrey Miller’s Maine Thing

Audrey Miller has been owning and running The Cottage Connection for longer than Brian Chesky has been out of high school (and maybe much longer)! With a season only 8 weeks long, Audrey has learned how to be as profitable as possible in a short period while focusing on what really matters in this business – making memories for guests.

Take a listen to our first interview in our new Mini Seminar Series.

New Series!

We took a week long break and are back and better than ever! We are starting a new series of interviewing VR company owners around the country – maybe world? – to ask the questions we all want to know…best idea? where is VR going? biggest mistake? and more.

These will be 30 minute or less chats with so many pullover moments, you probably need to go ahead and stock your car with pen and paper.

This week we kick it off by interviewing each other….Sarah can’t think of a new idea to share, but other than that, Tim carries the episode and adds insight on revenue management, as well as what the future holds.

Take a listen.

Fire! Flood! Hurricane! Covid!?

In this just over 30 minute episode, Tim and Sarah outline five steps to create a solid plan for your company in the case of emergency.  It’s vital you create your plan BEFORE disaster strikes. Heck, Tim has even picked up new houses because of it!

In the Not So Hot Off The Press But Definitely Happening segment, Airbnb’s latest moves are discussed including telling PMs they can’t remarket to guests who booked on Airbnb, and the impending IPO.

Dear Homeowner

Tim and Sarah usually speak directly to you, the vacation rental manager, but in this episode we add a new audience – our homeowners. This episode is a “Dear John” format of what we want all owners to know. We cover refunding, cleaning, upgrades, and how much to set aside yearly for property upkeep.

Feel free to share with your owners and let us be the “bad guys” that says it like it is!

Take Care of YOU!

Ali Cammelletti of Cammelletti (two m’s, two l’s, two t’s) Consulting gives Tim and Sarah a  bit of a needed therapy session on how to take care of ourselves as Vacation Rental Managers in this unsettling time.  Ali works with VRs across the country not only on these topics but also on coaching VRs on team building and dynamics, ways to structure your organization and lots of other advice we ALL can benefit from.

Relax, close your eyes and listen here.