Matthew Tesdall – Utah to Oregon

Listen in to Matthew Tesdall and how we went from one home that he owned and decided to rent during the 2008 downturn to several companies – Family Time Vacation Rentals and Sisters Vacation Rentals from Southern Utah to Central Oregon. He is working “on” the business not “in” in the business and has taken on revenue management into his own hands.

He shares lots of nuggets of good info – rate management, how to grow, tools he’s using and our favorite, a very true statement about how complicated it is to run a vacation rental business right now…too hard for private owners anymore!

Favorite quote from this episode, “You have to be willing to do what other people won’t in order to be successful.”

Audrey Miller’s Maine Thing

Audrey Miller has been owning and running The Cottage Connection for longer than Brian Chesky has been out of high school (and maybe much longer)! With a season only 8 weeks long, Audrey has learned how to be as profitable as possible in a short period while focusing on what really matters in this business – making memories for guests.

Take a listen to our first interview in our new Mini Seminar Series.