That DARM Conference!

Tim and Sarah had a fun time emceeing VRM Intel’s Data and Revenue Management Conference for Vacation Rentals (a mouthful!) in Charleston, SC last week. They sat down with some heavy hitters in attendance – Travis Wilburn of Stay Charlottesville, C.J. Stamm, III of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, and Kent Zelle of Nauset Rentals to get their pullover moments from the conference.

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Switch! Like the world needs another change. We partnered up with Matt Landau this week and re-aired one of his latest episodes from his Unlocked podcast interviewing Alex Cruz of Welcome Home Club in San Antonio, and Matt is airing our “You Never Get a 2nd Chance to Make a 1st Impression” in the coming weeks.
You’ll hear how Alex Cruz does the opposite of most of us – he uses Airbnb almost exclusively and hasn’t had the need yet for his own software. Check it out.

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Crazy Busy? Don’t Forget These Tasks

We’re all feeling the stress. Pandemic dwindling and travel is soaring. That’s great for our bottom line but not for our brains. We are overloaded!

Tim and Sarah cover the essential weekly tasks you can’t forget about even when your schedule (and brain) is full. And they kept it to 20 minutes this week so you can fit it in as you drive from one thing to the next.

Here’s the list!