Tech Vs. Touch with Toby Babich

Lots of good nuggets in this week’s episode with Toby Babich who reveals his favorite song is “Ladies Night”! Toby and his wife own and run Breckenridge Resort Managers, and limit their properties to a solid 60 – no more, no less. Here why that is along with why Toby feels personalization is our differentiator over hotels.  And Tim gets awfully creative at the end.  Take a listen.

Oh Canada!

This time we go international with our friends in Canada who have just recently jumped into the VR space in wilderness of beautiful Canada French-speaking lake country.   Yoan Joncas and Gaelle Levesque Asselin (newly engaged by the way!) founded and are quickly growing their vacation rental company, Tavata Chalets.  Merci et Bon Chance!

Take a listen.