VRMA/VRHP Conference Takeaways 2018

Last year, lots of folks attended our podcast recording at the VRMA conference in Orlando, but alas…technical issues ensued and it didn’t record. Not this year! Vegas did not disappoint.  Tim and Sarah led the last breakout session before the final general session at the 2018 International VRMA/VRHP Conference and attendees enthusiastically shared their key takeaways from the three day conference.

Enjoy this listen of many leaders in our “space”, as Tim does not like to call our industry, but all of the investors attending do.

John DiJulius!

Sarah’s business crush, John DiJulius, agreed to be on our podcast! The number pullover moments were so high, that we recommend you do not listen while driving. 🙂

Some of the many takeaways included:

  • Make sure you and your staff are clear on your “always” and “nevers”
  • People are not born with service-aptitude – you have to teach them!
  • Hire people with the 5 E’s
  • Don’t overshare
  • The most beautiful word in the English language? Your name! Mention a guest’s name over and over, and mention yours too. It’s hard to leave a company when you know someone’s name.

Take a listen! 

Tech Vs. Touch with Toby Babich

Lots of good nuggets in this week’s episode with Toby Babich who reveals his favorite song is “Ladies Night”! Toby and his wife own and run Breckenridge Resort Managers, and limit their properties to a solid 60 – no more, no less. Here why that is along with why Toby feels personalization is our differentiator over hotels.  And Tim gets awfully creative at the end.  Take a listen.