Data to Take Your Company to New Heights

We have a surprise expert on this episode as we dig into “needle movers” in your business – Jason Sprenkle (of 360 Blue vacation rentals, Glad to Have You, and Head of KeyData Dashboard).

We dig into how to figure out the profit of each property, evaluate maintenance and housekeeping efficiency and quality, and other tough subjects that we all can tackle in 2021!

It’s right here.

2020 in Review, Top 10 Episodes, and Predictions for 2021

Back to just Tim and Sarah this week as they review what predictions they made in 2019 for 2020 (oops! They missed a big one, there!) and they take a stab at what might be in store for 2020. Hint: Sarah has a good news prediction for summer 2021!

One prediction they got right for 2020 – Mobile bookings are up as are online bookings.

Bold prediction for 2021 – vrbo will go up in usage by VRMs and airbnb will tank.

And the #1 most listened to episode of 2020 of Sarah and T? Listen here to find out.