Tiffany Talks Approach to STR Regulations

Tiffany Edwards actually has experience in Washington vs the rest of us pulling up our bootstraps and trying to navigate the ever-complicated political scene whether locally or at a state level. She sheds light on how to approach and maneuver the STR regulation landscape plus she shares how she got into this business at age 7, and much more.

Enjoy this one.

Over 50 VRMA 2021 Takeaways from 8 VRMs

Tim and Sarah sat down with eight prominent VRMs in our industry and asked them to share their top takeaways from the VRMA conference in San Antonio earlier this month.

Many thanks to Robin Craigen, Mike Harrington, Ryan Dame, Amy Gaster, Paul Becker, Chris Bettin, Sharon Walker, and Steve Schwab for sharing their notes and comments with all. 

We counted over 50 shared…something for everyone here! Get your pen and paper out.

How Was Your Season? Best Idea? Regret?

In the spirit of being at VRMA even though we are not physically present, this week’s episode gives you an idea of what to do if you ARE there. Ask other people questions about how their year went, and the best ideas others are implementing. We ask each other popular questions just as if we were at a table together in San Antonio. 

Start the interview here.

Shaun Stewart, Interviewed

Somehow Shaun Stewart (and Aussie!) has eluded us thus far, but he sure came on to the scene at DARM with a bang. His keynote was full of insightful nuggets and he sat down with us for an interview afterward.

Get your pen and paper ready because he touches on everything from how to organize and approach STR regulations to why Vacasa might make it and how to win against the big guys.

Here ya go!