Episode 6: Lemonade out of Lemons

Well, guess what folks…our live podcast at VRMA had some technical difficulties and while it was brilliant and full of rich takeaways from vacation rental folks around the world, it didn’t record.  But, we aren’t giving up! An email went out to all 1400 attendees asking for their “pay for the trip” takeaways.  So, look for a summary of all those goodies in Episode 7.  For this episode though, we did include three interviews we did with key players at VRMA – Mike Harrington (incoming VRMA President), Mike Copps (VRMA manager), and Ben Edwards (Tim says he’s the “most interesting man in vacation rentals”).  Take a listen.

Episode 4 is Live: Make Owners Love Ya

We couldn’t wait to record Episode 4 live at VRMA, as promised. We are having too much fun! So, here it is.  We will release Episode 5 next week (hint…has something to do with the face of your company) and then #6 will be the episode all can attend if you’re in Orlando for the National conference (vrma.com).  See you there!