Netflix Famous!

What the heck does that mean? You’ll find out in our oh-so-LA interview with English born “Pete” Lorimer, co-host of the popular Netflix series “Stay Here”, featuring vacation rentals around the country getting needed makeovers and rental advice.

We cover topics from background info on the show to Pete’s view on real estate, being yourself, photography, video, Instagram and AirBNB.  Oh, and his email. It’s a disaster!  Tune in here! 

Look Back on 2018, Looking Ahead & A Name Change

Check it out, loyal listeners. Sea to Ski is no more…it’s now “Sarah and T”! We had to change our name which we explain in this episode. We also go thru our predictions from last year to see how many we got right (hmmm…not many!) and predict what big things will happen in 2019. Thank for listening and sharing back with us as always!

Here’s the episode.