What are VRs asking about these days?

Sarah and Tim scoured popular Vacation rental forums on social media this week and chose the top 10 most pressing questions asked lately.  They gave their take on the way they would answer questions such as:

  • What do you do when the owner brings their dog to the vacation rental but won’t allow it to be pet friendly?
  • Should each queen and king bed have four pillows each – soft and hard options?
  • Security cameras at properties – what’s legal and what’s not?
  • What do you give guests for their welcome gift

and 6 more…

Listen in and let us know on our Facebook page, “Sarah and T”, what you thought and if you have additional insights into these daily operation conundrums.

Clean is the Name of the Game

Durk Johnson is finally vindicated! All of a sudden, everyone finally cares about cleaning standards.  In the episode, Michelle Williams, GM of Atlantic Vacation Homes in Mass. and also a member of the VRHP Board, chats with Tim and Sarah about the latest cleaning recommendations published by VRHP.  Michelle also explains the difference between sanitization and disinfecting – who knew!

We even get back to normal on this episode with a lightening round!

Clean it up here.