OTAs Are The Key, Not Book Direct? Huh!?

Andrew McConnell of Rented.com, and a frequent visitor to VR panels and the speaking circuit, joins us to discuss what “Google VR” really is and why we should be deathly afraid. Plus why we may want to look at OTAs in a different light…a positive light.

We also all discuss the Covid-19 virus and ideas of how to handle the mayhem and panic.

Check it out.

Safety Tips with J. Ford

It’s not sexy…it’s safety.  Thinking through and creating processes and procedures around safety measures in vacation rentals is of the utmost importance, however.  Tim pointed out in our New Year’s episode that it will be one of the hot topics of 2020.

Justin Ford, the industry’s well-known guru of safety, weighs in on the top areas VR managers should be focused on as they create their safety plan. Hint: Trips & Falls are #1.

Buckle up & listen.