A Potential Homeowner Calls. Now What?

There’s lots of talk out there about all of the marketing you can do to get a potential homeowner to reach out to you, but very little on what to do at that point.

We walk thru 12 – which turn into 16 – tips on how to make that contact turn into a homeowner signing up on your program. This includes how to handle the potential homeowner’s dog sniffing you in all the wrong spots. Ok, we didn’t solve that one!

Sarah thinks Tim had one of his best pieces of advice in this episode. It involves “throwing mud”.

Dig in here.

Sibylle Kim – An RBO We Can Learn From

Sibylle owns a large home in Vermont near a popular ski resort. Just one. Manages it on her own from the Boston area. Claims wild success and even attended the most recent VRMA conference in Chicago!

We sat down with Sibylle to find out what makes her tick and how she can pull this off without the drama we warn homeowner’s of who want to do it on their own. Most interesting to us was why she decided NOT to hire a vacation rental manager and why she has a good case for the word “professional” not just applying to VR companies.

We can all learn from looking at the other side.

Lorraine Woodward & Accessible VRs

Lorraine has made it her mission as of late to bring more vacation rentals to the marketplace that are truly accessible – not just for wheelchairs but also expanding that to autistic, end-of-life trips, and other disabilities we don’t always include in the discussion.

Here how you can focus on this niche more and make a difference and some dough while you’re at it!