Meaningful Profit

Ben Edwards of Weatherby Consulting and also the owner of more than one vacation rental company in the USA lays it down for us in this episode, calling out all VR company owners about their fiscal responsibility.  Are you in trust? If you don’t know that answer or try to look the other way when the subject comes up, take a listen to Ben here.  He also covers other $$ topics like how to determine if you’re really making a “meaningful profit” or just cranking out a paycheck for yourself every month in your business.

Thank you, Ben – we enjoyed it!



The One Thing

At VRMA in New Orleans last week, we asked our audience of VR Managers, “What is the one thing that you learned at this conference that will pay for your trip?”  Over 35 offered up their one thing.  At the end, a surprise guest for the “Lightening Round”.  Pay for 35 trips by listening here.

The book referenced at the end was Gift-ology by John Ruhlin.  Read it! You’ll never give out logo’d schwag again!

Angie Gives Back

Sarah here…I am loving this episode with Angela “Angie” Leone from Coconut Condos on the West coast of Maui.  Angie surprised me with creative, don’t-break-the-bank ideas of how we all can give back to the community with our vacation rental businesses. The ideas are meaningful, yet practical and gave me goose bumps while I listened too her passion.

Angie is not just a philanthropist, she’s also a smart business woman, and mother of four!  Hear what she has to say here.

Travis Gets It Done

Woah, this guy must work around the clock.  In our 55th episode, Travis Wilburn explains how he started and runs Stay Charlottesville, how he built an event center to generate occupancy, oh…and a wine tour company too.  Let’s add in how a hotel is now under his umbrella and he’s sharing his staff with Wintergreen Resort.  Throw in an internationally known riot and horrific tragedy last year in Charlottesville and you’ve got quite a morning commute podcast.

Listen up people, the millennial are coming to our industry and they’ve got energy and ideas!