Do What Your Competitors Are NOT Doing

We are continually surprised (and discouraged) by how many VR operators are NOT doing the basics. Be different, Be bold! This episode digs into some big – and small – things you can do to rise above your competition.

Topics discussed in depth include:

1) Creating a “I would never leave” relationship with your owners

2) Being Bold 

3)  Being meticulous about the properties you take on and those you KEEP 

4) Personalized welcome notes and gift

5)  Direct Marketing – at the very least to your return guest list! 

6) Creating a tone with owners and guests of Connection vs. Standard Customer Service. 

Thirty minutes of wisdom here!

A 2022 Review & Predictions for 2023

We reached out to many vacation rental leaders for this one – we asked them to send in a prediction or two for the coming year. Lots of chatter about Vacasa’s future, as well as the impending recession, and new technology and business mergers that may occur.

Many thanks to Claire Reiswerg, Peter Reeburg, Andrew McConnell, Stacy Charlton, Tom Goodwin, The Stitchers, Steve Milo, Matt Landau, Brandon Sauls and more…

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Consolidation of VR Vendors

Ryan Bailey of Travel Net Solutions (Track PMS) talks with us this week about their company’s approach to tackling what no one yet has – a one stop shop for VR software. Their goal is to help VRMs get rid of 20 logins, passwords, and APIs and have it all under one roof. Not only that, they want to be “best in class” for each area of software. With recent majority ownership going to BlueStar investment group, they have the cash now to buy up some VR vendors and add to their platform organically as well.

Listen to it from the horse’s mouth.

Tim Rosolio, VP of Partner Success

Jeff Hurst left vrbo this year, and Tim Rosolio is his replacement (ish). We chat with Tim about OTA strategy, how vrbo views property managers, amenities guests want, and the subscription/PPB debate.

Correction on this episode’s content – Tim followed up and shared that you CANNOT get a subscription if you already don’t have one in your property mix. This is a big deal and it wasn’t made clear on the recording.

Check it out here.