Kevin Locraft Talks Expedia/Vrbo

Kevin Locraft has been with Vrbo since the Carl Shepherd days. We cover a myriad of topics with him including why VR isn’t getting a lot of traction on Expedia (yet), how to make your Vrbo listings shine, and how Vrbo is activating on the government relations front. He also explains what “Partner Success” means and why some clients get reps and others don’t.

Listen to Kevin’s interview here.

Jeff Hurst, President of Verrrbo

Jeff was kind enough to join us again in 2021 after his popular interview we did with him back at the end of of 2019. Jeff heads up Vrbo and has a sharp eye on the VR industry. He shared lots of goodies around what Vrbo is doing, how he sees demand this year and beyond and he identified what he thinks is the biggest issue in our sector.

Listen to Jeff here.