Elevate Online Conference Wrap Up

Elevate Online Conference Wrap Up

Tim and Sarah were asked to host the final session at Breezeway’s Elevate conference a few weeks back with a “live” recording of the podcast and have special guest, Jeremiah Gail, join them. They covered the takeaways from the conference and some good ‘ole lightening round question and answers with “Jeremy” as those close to him refer to him (and Tim and Sarah have known him a long time back to the days of Flipkey).

Enjoy the conversation about pricing tools, back of the house management, and a new idea about the check out experience.

Here ya go.

The First 15 Minutes to Make a First Impression

In this week’s episode, Tim and Sarah dissect those first moments the guests arrive and walk into the vacation rental. They are vital and too many of us do not think these moments through.

We cover SIX key areas to focus on including pre-arrival communication, nuances in directions, the “welcome”, providing food/drink, and if it’s easy for them to ask for help. And, then Sarah adds her real life experience recently of her arrival to a vacation rental in another town – what a hoot!

Listen in here.