Jeff Hurst Interview – Head “Coach at Vrbo

Jeff Hurst recently took over the chief position at Vrbo after being at the company for 10 years or so. Jeff surprised us by sharing candidly how it’s going, how he sees the Vrbo customer, the VR landscape and he even personally takes responsibility for the debacle last year of Vrbo giving the impression they were going to audit all of our reservation data.

Cheers to transparency, Jeff! And big words…

Listen here.

Top 10 Episodes of 2019

Here you go folks…Tim and I share the top listened to pods of our season from 10 to 1.  No, Matt Landau wasn’t #1! 🙂

We also give the biggest takeaway from each, so this is a good way to catch up if you can’t listen to them all or give you an idea of which you want to be sure to go back and review before 2020.

Link to the episode.

Here’s to a new year and a new podcast season!

Meaningful Profit

Ben Edwards of Weatherby Consulting and also the owner of more than one vacation rental company in the USA lays it down for us in this episode, calling out all VR company owners about their fiscal responsibility.  Are you in trust? If you don’t know that answer or try to look the other way when the subject comes up, take a listen to Ben here.  He also covers other $$ topics like how to determine if you’re really making a “meaningful profit” or just cranking out a paycheck for yourself every month in your business.

Thank you, Ben – we enjoyed it!