Episode 10: Sold! How Not to be Left out in the Cold.

Episode 10 covers the ever sensitive topic of what to do when your homeowner is selling and then sells their property.   Back in 2009, this rarely happened since the market was depressed. Today, it feels like every week another owner is calling to say they want to sell their vacation home.  Stop the madness!Continue reading “Episode 10: Sold! How Not to be Left out in the Cold.”

Episode 8: All About Housekeeping

Time to face the music, or the blood borne pathogens, as we like to talk about in this episode. We cover contract workers vs. employees in this episode, plus many more aspects of housekeeping including how to give accolades to your housekeeping staff. And our challenge for November – try cleaning a home all byContinue reading “Episode 8: All About Housekeeping”

Episode 7: Your Key Takeaways from VRMA

As many of you know, our live recording at the 2017 VRMA conference in Orlando didn’t record. Tech issues! We had lots of attendees share their key takeaways and it was a “magical” session as Tim says, but we did the next best thing – we asked all of you to send us your keyContinue reading “Episode 7: Your Key Takeaways from VRMA”