PM Roundtable with Sarah and T

Sharon Walker, of Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, was kind enough to collect the questions posed by VRMs around the country at the VRMA Property Manager’s Roundtable and ask us a few of them on this week’s episode. We “try to” tackle everything from how to create a QR code, how we handle chargebacks and howContinue reading “PM Roundtable with Sarah and T”

So you think we should attend your session?

On our last episode, we recommended one session from each time slot at the upcoming VRMA International Conference in Vegas. We ended with a challenge to anyone who didn’t get chosen – sell your session to us and convince the audience to attend! Eight brave souls came forward. Many thanks to Tyann Marcink, Ali Cammelletti,Continue reading “So you think we should attend your session?”

Sarah & T Pick “Don’t Miss” Sessions

We went thru the upcoming VRMA International Conference in Las Vegas (Oct 23 – 26) and chose what we believe are the “don’t miss” sessions of the conference. It was hard to choose, so we also challenged anyone who wasn’t selected to reach out and sell us on their session in our next episode! TakeContinue reading “Sarah & T Pick “Don’t Miss” Sessions”