32 Takeaways from VRMA 2022

The last session of the conference was the best, if you ask us. A packed room participated in our recording of the podcast by sharing their “one thing” that paid for their trip. We asked for specifics – what is one thing you are taking back home and implementing?

Thirty-two brave souls raised their hand and grabbed the mic from the well known Steve Milo & Andrew McConnell to the newbies we hadn’t met yet. Many thanks to all who contributed.

A sampling of the takeaways?

  1. Attend your City Council meetings because whether you like it or not, they have a perception of you. Be there to curate it.
  2. Remind & Repeat – say the facts over and over in marketing
  3. Currently 70% of guests don’t remember the property management company where they stayed – add in branding to the property and all you do so your guests remember you and book direct next time!
  4. Share good reviews with owners, not just bad ones.
  5. Have a weekly revenue meeting with other staff – marketing, accounting, owner relations, and reservations.

Listen to the other 27 here.

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