Sarah & T Pick “Don’t Miss” Sessions

We went thru the upcoming VRMA International Conference in Las Vegas (Oct 23 – 26) and chose what we believe are the “don’t miss” sessions of the conference. It was hard to choose, so we also challenged anyone who wasn’t selected to reach out and sell us on their session in our next episode!

Take 30 minutes to hear our recommendations and make the most of your time in Sin City.

How To Outperform The Gigantic VR Brand That Bought Your Local Competitor – Doug Kennedy

or if you’re a small company…

Property Managers Roundtable for Small-Scale Managers – Sharon Walker & Geoff Gabarino from Gulf Shores

and for any ops people, go to Durk’s VRHP Rountable & at 2pm, got to VR Housekeeping 101 with Durk as well

Also, if you’re deep in VR regs and not sure of a plan, you may want to devote the day to “Be Your own Advocate” – Part 1 and then Part 2 is at 2pm


Lunch and Learn: 

Lunch and Learn w/ Airbnb: Airbnb and Travel Industry Trends



Lean Methodologies for Vacation Rental Managers with one of Tim’s guys! 

maybe…Think Like a Homeowner: Lauren Villa (Del Mar Vacations) and Beth Friedman from Walker 



928 New Properties in 2022:Ryan Dame, Matthew Tesdall, Ginger from Beachball, etc. 

Get Bookings in Your Sleep 201: The Next Steps of Email Automations 

The Art of Cleaning: Sean Kemper – I think we should try to get him on the show at some point

and if you’ve never been, Vacation rental Safety – Justin Ford



KEYNOTE: Holly Steil (Service is a Gift) – her profile pic doesn’t look ANYTHING like her in the video. She seems super touchy feely/hokey but the name looked familiar so I looked her up and she spoke at a few DiJulious conferences! I wanted him interview her and she will most likely be good.

11:30 breakout sessions: 

– Guess what? Our OTA panel is the same time as Property Managers Roundtable: CEOs, Owners, and Other C-Suite Executives with Milo, Edwards, Frankenstien and Walker. I swear VRMA has no clue.  So I think we should push both plus Malina & Lee’s!. 

Ours…OTA Panel – Understanding Each other aka marriage counseling between VRMs and Airbnb/Vrbo – Tim Rosolio & Amir Segall, plus Travis Wilburn, Lauren Madewell, and Devin McGuire

How to Hold a Weekly Revenue Meeting – Malina & Lee 


2pm Breakouts

Navigating Owner Acquisition and Guest Relationships: True Life Experiences Unveiled – We have to recommend this one since Terry is on it plus Stacy plus Robin! It sounds so broad…I hope they get can get specific.  (or we can make them sell it to us on Part 2!)

Re-imagining Your Companies Brand Experience – intrigued by this one b/c it’s about building brand (it’s a VRM owner – Bluewater plus his creative agency)

Technology in the Hands of Inspectors, Cleaners, and MX staff: How is this Helpful to Everyone? – another one of YOUR peeps! 

Understanding Guest Needs Using Site Search Data – the dork in me wants to recommend this one. Maybe instead we get them on the show. 

…that’s it. Only TWO break out session times on Tuesday…crazy right? 



No keynote just two break out sessions at 9 and then 10:30


Well, my Schwag Sisters/Gifting session of course

and maybe…Caleb Hannon’s Mapping the Guest Journey?


Our Takeaways session of course! 

and your guy David Roberts “How to Start a Commercial Laundry”

and maybe…

How Tech-Enabled VRMCs Save on Staffing with Terry Whyte & Robin? or maybe Terry calls in to sell us on it. 

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